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An English family visit on their 13 month round the world trip

We were privileged to welcome the Williamson family to Arche Noah in June. This adventurous family were nearing completion of a 13 month journey around the world including New Zealand, Sydney, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Italy, Spain, Chile, Machu Picchu, Bolivian Salt Flats, and many more countries!

Their story is a real inspiration to family travelers and the kids (a mere 2 years and 4 years old) had the best education in the world (literally seeing it for themselves).

We welcomed the Williamson’s twice during their time in Colombia to stay in our family apartment.

During their time here Dave (Arch Noah co-owner) was also able to catch a world cup game with them and lucky enough to celebrate a rare win for England.

Arche Noah wish them a relaxing break in Cuba and safe travels back to the UK.

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Choachi (Bogota)

Escape the traffic of Bogotá and hike through lush Andean forests to visit two mighty cascades of water, El Chiflón and La Chorrera, Colombia’s tallest waterfall. 


After morning pickup from your Bogotá hotel, travel with your guide to the southern part of the East Hills, rolling lands of forest that are part of the Andean mountain range. Head up a winding mountain pass with breathtaking views of cliffs and chasms. Then, drive by Choachí, a colonial village with a lovely church in its town square.Disembark in the countryside to begin your 3-hour round-trip hike of medium to high difficulty. First, follow your guide through verdant woodlands to El Chiflón, pounding waterfalls sheeting off an escarpment. Scamper behind the raging cascade and feel its spray on your skin. If you like, take a dip in the turquoise pool of water at the base of the waterfall. .Next, your guide takes you back into the forests, where you’ll huff your way for about an hour to La Chorrera waterfall. Pass by creeks and a diversity of plant and tree life, which your guide points out along the way, including bromeliads, orchids, juniper, sapodilla, cedar and mahogany. You’ll hear the roar of La Chorrera before seeing it. Snap shots of the falls that are 1,936 feet (590 meters) tall, and relax for a while before hiking back to the vehicle.

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