Free heroes tour (Bogota)


The Anti-cliches free walking tour in Bogota (Heroes Tour) is the most original way to visit Bogota’s center.
80 years of history, condensed in 3h30, explained, in context, in front of relevant see-sighting spots without getting you bored or starved?
Yes, Challenge accepted! That’s we do in Bogota every day. This is what makes this free walking tour unique.

Colombia v Escobar: Discover his sad impact. Enough with villlains, learn also about Heroes

Peace Process: Understand everything about FARC Conflict: origins, escalation & peace

As free walking tour, Heroes Tours runs all days at 10.30 am.

First, our goal is to debunk clichés about Colombia, and shed light to the damage of one man, Escobar did to this country, and counterbalance the glamour image Narcos gave him. Speaking of clichés, we’ll explain why most of the most famous & negative clichés had to do with him.

We found really unfair that villains are more famous than heroes, so we’ll also tell stories about several heroes who played a major role in the positive transformation of Colombia & Bogota.

Heroes who have made possible for you, guys, to safely come & visit!

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