Zipaquira salt cathedral (Bogota)


Visit the 1st Wonder of Colombia and the 2nd largest Cathedral made out of salt in the world! This is a salt complex located 180 meters under the earth which represents one of the most distinguished achievements of Colombian arquitecture, besides being a truly a miners’ faith. You will start at the First Station, a walk-through the Stations of the Cross (14 in total) which is a representation of Jesus’ last steps, finishing at the Great Centre Dome (a three-part cavernous subterranean cathedral) where the Big Cross is.

Meeting Point: At Arche Noah

Everyday at 8 am

6 hours

English and Español

This is a Shared Tour that lasts around 6 hours and includes the Entrance Ticket, Tour inside the Salt Mine, Show of Lights, 3D Movie, visit to the Colonial Town of Zipaquirá and roundtrip transportation (is “door-to-door” service). We pick you up at Arche Noah. It starts with a minimum of 2 people, please request your Tour so we check the availability.

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