Chicaque (Bogota)


Chicaque Natural Park is a protected area located southwest of the savannah of Bogot√° , in the center of the South American country of Colombia, which has a rich and innumerable ecological and water reserve.

Located between the municipalities of Soacha and San Antonio del Tequendama , this nature reserve consisting of 7 types of forests, awaits countless species of flora and fauna unique in the world, has more than 300 green acres, becoming the home of more than 100 bird species.

The nature reserve is dedicated to the conservation of nature, environmental education and ecotourism. Its diversity in birds and mammals make it especially popular among locals.

In addition to the extensive area arranged for visitors to walk and have a contact with nature, this ecological center has made available to tourists two camping areas with water and food, hostel, cabins, and nests (cabins in the trees)

It has more than 18 km of ecological trails, and services such as restaurants, horseback riding, adventure activities such as zip lines and arborism.

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