Month: July 2017

Free heroes tour (Bogota)

The Anti-cliches free walking tour in Bogota (Heroes Tour) is the most original way to visit Bogota’s center.
80 years of history, condensed in 3h30, explained, in context, in front of relevant see-sighting spots without getting you bored or starved?
Yes, Challenge accepted! That’s we do in Bogota every day. This is what makes this free walking tour unique.

Colombia v Escobar: Discover his sad impact. Enough with villlains, learn also about Heroes

Peace Process: Understand everything about FARC Conflict: origins, escalation & peace

As free walking tour, Heroes Tours runs all days at 10.30 am.

First, our goal is to debunk clichés about Colombia, and shed light to the damage of one man, Escobar did to this country, and counterbalance the glamour image Narcos gave him. Speaking of clichés, we’ll explain why most of the most famous & negative clichés had to do with him.

We found really unfair that villains are more famous than heroes, so we’ll also tell stories about several heroes who played a major role in the positive transformation of Colombia & Bogota.

Heroes who have made possible for you, guys, to safely come & visit!

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Free food tour (Bogota)

We will take you to different food stops so you explore more Bogotá and Colombia on a delicious way. Discover our cultural mix with our authentic creations like “empanada paisa”, “obleas”, “pandebono”, “arepa santandereana”, “origin coffee”.. among many others. While walking and eating, you will understand the background of our gastronomy when the colombian territory was dominated by our indigenous ancestors. Throughout this experience you will have the chance to get closer to our Colombian culture, walk around non-touristic spots and unveil the secrets of our legacy. (Veg friendly)

Meeting Point: In front of the Museo del Oro

Monday to Friday at 2pm (not available on holidays)

Duration: 3 hours

Language: English

Tour Highlights

  • Ajiaco
  • Arepa Santandereana
  • Pan de Bono
  • Origin Coffee
  • Empanadas
  • Obleas
  • And much more!


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Free war & peace tour (Bogota)

Colombia, one of the happiest countries on earth, has been affected globally by its bad reputation for various negative situations such as being a huge drug producer, assassinations of political leaders, and violent conflicts between different armed groups. Today, this has changed quite a bit, and while on this tour, you will understand the causes, the development, and the present days Colombian conflict. Join us for a real and interactive experience through some remarkable places and scars of the past. Learn about the development of Colombia’s conflict in Bogota that changed our history, its ties to drug cartels and “You know who” behind it and the violence he imposed on the country. At the end of this experience, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of our political history, the war, it’s key players, Colombian and international drug trades, the peace agreement, and where the country is heading in the near future. Join us on a walk through old and new times!

Meeting Point: In front of the Museo del Oro

Schedule: Monday to Friday at 10am

Duration: 3 hours

Language: English

Tour Highlights

  • Origins of Colombian Violence
  • Liberals vs Conservatives
  • Influential Political Heroes
  • 1948 Bogota’s Riot
  • Liberal Guerrillas and Paramilitary Groups
  • Peace Agreement (FARC and ELN)
  • And much more!
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Free walking tour (Bogota)

This is the best introduction to Bogota’s downtown. We will take you back in time from indigenous times until the arrival of the Spaniards looking to establish a new civilization. An insightful, fun-filled and informative walk about history, gastronomy, architecture, places to go, cultural offer and what “Bogotanos” actually like. Our walking tour will take you around the best sights that La Candelaria has to offer. Our aim is to let you discover and experience our city through the eyes of locals, and bring to life our cultural expressions, historical and representative institutions, the tragedies that have changed the city and more! Come and discover with us Bogotá and feel the ambiance of one of the most antique city centers in Latin America..

Meeting Point: In front of the Museo del Oro

Schedule: Everyday at 10am and 2pm

Duration: 3 hours

Language: English and Español

  • Real “El Dorado” Legend
  • Black Market of Emeralds
  • Botero’s Collection
  • Simon Bolivar Square
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Pablo Escobar in Bogotá
  • And much more!
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Bike tour (Bogota)

Discover the colorful history and culture of La Candelaria, with its theatres and nightlife, taste tropical fruits, cruise through Bogotá’s many parks, witness its surprising urban renewal and get to know some of the people and colorful neighborhoods of Colombia’s capital. Or learn how the nation’s drug-fueled civil war has impacted Bogotá and the Colombian people. The best way to enjoy these experiences and see Bogotá and its people up close is by bicycle! Tours start every day at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.


Tours vary with riders’ interests and abilities. Duration also varies, but is usually three to five hours. Places we often pass or visit include the Plaza del Chorro, the Botero Museum and the National Museum, Plaza Bolívar, Plaza San Victorino, Parque del Renacimiento with its Botero Sculpture; Bogotá’s Central Cemetery, the fruit markets of Palo Quemao and the Egipto neighborhood; The Cafe de la Fonda coffee factory; the Londonesque La Merced neighborhood; Third Milenium Park and its Disarmament Sculpture; the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Center, the National University with its Che Guevara Plaza; Independence, National and Símon Bolívar parks; the Bullfighting Stadium, the Train of the Savannah, the Plaza de Lourdes and many others. On our tours, we also talk about human rights and Colombia’s troubled and often violenthistory and present. Generally, you’ll also see some great graffiti on our tours.

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Zipaquira salt cathedral (Bogota)

Visit the 1st Wonder of Colombia and the 2nd largest Cathedral made out of salt in the world! This is a salt complex located 180 meters under the earth which represents one of the most distinguished achievements of Colombian arquitecture, besides being a truly a miners’ faith. You will start at the First Station, a walk-through the Stations of the Cross (14 in total) which is a representation of Jesus’ last steps, finishing at the Great Centre Dome (a three-part cavernous subterranean cathedral) where the Big Cross is.

Meeting Point: At Arche Noah

Everyday at 8 am

6 hours

English and Español

This is a Shared Tour that lasts around 6 hours and includes the Entrance Ticket, Tour inside the Salt Mine, Show of Lights, 3D Movie, visit to the Colonial Town of Zipaquirá and roundtrip transportation (is “door-to-door” service). We pick you up at Arche Noah. It starts with a minimum of 2 people, please request your Tour so we check the availability.

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Chicaque (Bogota)

Chicaque Natural Park is a protected area located southwest of the savannah of Bogotá , in the center of the South American country of Colombia, which has a rich and innumerable ecological and water reserve.

Located between the municipalities of Soacha and San Antonio del Tequendama , this nature reserve consisting of 7 types of forests, awaits countless species of flora and fauna unique in the world, has more than 300 green acres, becoming the home of more than 100 bird species.

The nature reserve is dedicated to the conservation of nature, environmental education and ecotourism. Its diversity in birds and mammals make it especially popular among locals.

In addition to the extensive area arranged for visitors to walk and have a contact with nature, this ecological center has made available to tourists two camping areas with water and food, hostel, cabins, and nests (cabins in the trees)

It has more than 18 km of ecological trails, and services such as restaurants, horseback riding, adventure activities such as zip lines and arborism.

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